Meet Our Founder & Owner – Mr. Robert Vanni

Robert Vanni

Mr. Vanni is the founder and owner of Midwest Ecological, Inc. His experience is in wetland investigation, natural areas assessment, environmental permitting, wetland mitigation design, wetland maintenance, restoration and monitoring.

Mr. Vanni has worked within the Environmental field within the Chicago District for 30 years.

He has participated in over 400 wetland delineations, 300 Army Corps of Engineers Wetland Permits and the resolution of over 30 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers enforcement actions and holds several certifications in the wetland field, inclusive of Certified Wetland Specialist.


Treat the earth well. It was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children” – Native American traditional


What Midwest Ecological Inc. Specializes in

  • – Wetland Assessments, Delineations & Permitting
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Midwest Ecological Inc. Services


Wetlands & Permitting

Midwest Ecological, Inc. (MEI) personnel are experienced in wetland delineation methodology and procedures, plant identification and wetland permitting. Our staff is trained and knowledgeable in identifying and evaluating the three wetland criteria: vegetation, soils and hydrology, ensuring our wetland delineations are fair and objective. We have extensive experience working with the 1987 Corps of Engineers’ Wetland Delineation Manual, Midwest Regional Supplement (2008) and Natural Resources Conservation Service’s 1998 Wetland Mapping Conventions. In addition to federal guidelines, we at Midwest Ecological Inc. are well versed in county and municipal wetland regulations and permitting requirements for the greater Chicago area.


Wetland-related Services:

  • – Wetland Assessments & Delineations
  • – Impacts Permitting
  • – Mitigation Design
  • – Restoration and Enhancement
  • – Monitoring and Reporting

We at Midwest Ecological Inc. are knowledgeable and experienced in assembling comprehensive permitting plans, tailoring each to the specific project. We are versed in federal, state and local regulations and can advise on and devise a thorough and concise solution to any wetland permitting need. We frequently work with the following entities and regulations:



US Army Corps of Engineers

  • – Section 404 Permits

US Department of Agriculture Natural Resource Conservation Service

US Department of the Interior Fish and Wildlife Service

  • – Endangered & Threatened Species Consultation
  • – Indiana bat surveys



Illinois Environmental Protection Agency

  • – Section 401 Certifications & Prescribed Burns

Illinois Department of Natural Resources

  • – Endangered & Threatened Species Consultation

    Illinois Historic Preservation Agency



    Kane County Department of Environmental Management

    • – Stormwater Permits
    • – Kane County Review Specialist # W-081

    Lake County Stormwater Management

    • – Stormwater Permits
    • – Lake County Certified Wetland Specialist #C-059

    McHenry County Planning Department

    • – Stormwater Permits
    • – Mchenry County Certified Wetland Specialist

    DuPage County Department of Environmental Concerns

    • – Wetland, Riparian & Special Management Submittals